Formed by Kim, Clive and Jon using the classic guitar, drums and keyboards line-up, the band went through a few name changes; Belthane, Feeding the Monster, to name a few, finally settling on Hush.
With the band named, the musical direction moved towards classic rock influences such as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and others, utilising the talents of the three members.

Recruiting was now a priority, taking the guys to the end of their tether (and full heads of hair!) auditioning musicians to get the sound they were after. Just as they were on the point of wondering what to do due to all the wrong people giving it a shot, Nilsson, a mate of Clive's, took on the role of lead vocals in August. "Manna from Heaven!"

With the vocal element in place, rehearsals upped a gear to get Nilsson integrated into the sound. Completing the line up Chris was auditioned in January and finalised the line-up on bass. The sound of Hush rapidly developed and they went into the studio during February to cut the first demo CD.
In July after just two successful gigs Nillson made the decision to leave Hush due to life commitments. Paul came along about a month later to fill the vocal role.

During February, Paul called time on his part in Hush, and so the band had to play hunt-the-singer once again. This time they found Swindon based Mitch. Later in the year, after just over two and a half years, Kim decided to move on to other things leaving the band guitarist-less for the first time. A few rehearsals without guitar and Fate dealt Hush a good hand when Rich Shillitoe, the guitarist in Jon and Clive's previous band, was persuaded to pop along for a try out, a slight detour from what he was doing but well worth it nonetheless. Then there was five again.

The year started off with a number of new songs with Rich's musical influences moving the band up another gear. Several new venues were visited and the audiences at each seemed suitably impressed.
More ideas were now being thrown about and a major plan hatched to take the band into a studio again at some stage to update the demo tape, as the last one was not representative of what Hush now sounded like. The plan was actioned over the weekend of 8th and 9th December at ATM's studio in Hengrove, with five songs going down on file. A good way to end the year.

During the first few months of the year the demo CD had not progressed at ATM as wanted, so Rich was persuaded to mix it in his home studio, with good results.
The year saw several equipment changes for all the members. The major upset being Jon's trusted Hammond B200 giving up the ghost and being replaced (the shape of things to come) by a newer, but single manual, Hammond. Clive updated his drum kit up with a more compact one (allegedly!) that had a better sound - ask the audience as he's slightly biased!
During the year Chris went through several amps after his Sound City L120 needed to be louder, as well as gaining and losing pedals on the way. At the end of the year he could see a hot and heavy light at the end of the tunnel when he arrived at rehearsal with the mother of all bass amps - an Ampeg SVT2!
Not to be outdone Rich has also changed a few things, including amp (going from Engl to Peavey), guitars and other bits and bobs. The bands PA got a new amp and mixer and Mitch bought a mic without wires!!!

An early start for the band in 2009, three days in, that ended up being relatively busy with 19 gigs accomplished. Among the usual suspects there were a few new venues played: Swiss Chalet in Swindon (appropriately snow covered in February) and The Anchor in Warminster (so cozy that Clive had to clamber over Chris' amp to get in first time around!) to name a couple, as well as a return to entertain Bogtrotters MCC and a first outing to attempt to deafen Van Diemans MCC.
On the equipment front Mitch bought batteries for his mic; Rich's corner stayed pretty static; Clive had a slight change in the cymbal department; Chris tried a number of different brands of strings and got back his five string Dean after a few years apart; Jon finally said goodbye to his trusty B200 hammond after years together, initially replacing it with a Hammond XB2 but then upgrading to an XK-3C. Leslie was also changed for a physically smaller and lighter 3300 model, but we still find room for her!
The end of the year was quiet on both the gig and rehearsal front but it was a nice wind down to the Christmas break.

After seven weeks of not playing together due to various factors, noise was finally made towards the end of January - and much enjoyed it was too! This rehearsal was played with a touch of the unknown as Rich had handed in his notice. In April Taka Inufusa joined the ranks as Rich's replacement.
Taka had to bring himself up to speed quite quickly, which he did well and the band polished off eleven gigs in the remainder of the year.

Another year, another member change. Mitch felt the need to move on to other things, so with the usual adverts and auditions Ant Meade stepped into the vocal role. Nothing like being rushed into things, after only three rehearsals (and only one full band rehearsal) Ant's first gig occurred and went just about without mishap. Good job that man!

A New Year and a new face to the band lineup. Unfortunatly at the end of 2011, due to work commitments Taka had to relinquish his postion of guitarist. After numerous and fun auditions during the latter part of the year, Dave Thorne was offered the posistion and graciously accepted! Here we go again!
October saw another singer change. Ant left to concentrate on other things and was replaced by Simon Withers.
October also saw the 100th Hush gig!

Unfortunately Simon only lasted until March, parting the band on good terms after only 5 gigs. Simon was replaced by Ant re-joining the band in August after work relocations worked in the bands favour.

After a good few years at the vocal helm of the band Ant decided it was time to persue other things and so departed following the last gig of the year in December. During the Christmas break Dave also discovered that his itchy feet weren't due to them needing a wash and also departed. Happy Christmas Hush!

Come the new year and there was only three! That was until March when Gareth Beatie filled the guitar spot after a number of other guitarists had been auditioned. In May we finally found the right body for vocal duties in the shape of John Griffiths and managed to get a couple of gigs in before the year ended.

The year started off positively with three gigs until Gareth decided the greener grass of April awaited him elsewhere and so The Great Guitarist Hunt started over again. By July Glenn Banwell had joined the band and the work of settling in a new member started. Three gigs saw the band up until the end of the year with Glenn making his mark on the band and Hush celebrating its 150th gig!.

The year started off promisingly, until both John and Glenn decided to move on in March. Luckily former auditionee Paul Dunne was still interested in joining and slotted in easily in mid-March and with a vox hunt Martin Linham joined us in May. The first gig went very well - here's to the rest of the year!

As with 2019, the year started off promisingly with Paul and Martin getting the chance to settle in, then Covid 19 hit the world. The band mangaged one gig in 2020 and then that was it. Everything went to lockdown. So 2020 was a non event !

The song remained the same.with Covid restrictions still effecting venues. The band were able to go to the studio, but then we had a shock as Martin Lineham had to leave the band. Ant Meade came back on temp duties until we could find a permanant member. Unfortunately due to circumstances well beyond our control, we ended up doing no gigs during the year. The Monster is growing and ready to burst !!!

The year didnt exactly start well with a couple of gigs having to be canceled for various reasons. However, that gave us the chance to integrate Mr Peter Berseford into the fold. We had met Pete back when Hush was forming, but due to commitments, nothing came of it !!! We managed to get some gigs under our belt in 2022 and are looking at 2023, to really let the brakes off.